Hotel La Ceiba

Hotel La Ceiba - Chiapa de Corzo Garden RoomI’m not sure that the Hotel La Ceiba reaches the 4 stars it claims as painted on the outside of the hotel exterior wall but we thoroughly enjoyed our one-night stay there. Check-in was easy, quick and friendly and we were given a room with a view of the very pretty garden as requested. Credit card payment was accepted without adding on the typical service fee we see in many establishments in Mexico and with the very favorable exchange rate at the time our visit, we felt like we got a real bargain.

The room was very clean and linens were bright, white and of a comfortable thread count.  The flat screen TV received very few English stations but this is an area that really doesn’t see a lot of visitors from outside of Mexico so that is to be expected.

We saw the small pool in the garden being cleaned in both the morning and evening of the flower petals that had dropped during the day. While not the best breakfast, it was certainly adequate and not outrageously priced at about $5 USD per person.

The hotel features an excellent location roughly 2 blocks from the Central Plaza and about 4 blocks from the pier where the Grijalva River Boat tour of Sumidero Canyon embarks.  While we’ve only been to Chiapa de Corzo once, from our research and observations around the city, Hotel La Ceiba likely represents about as good as you can reasonably expect to find in the city.