Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel – A Brief History

Our Insider’s Guide to Cozumel provides newcomers with the knowledge of a local resident. With this guide in hand, you’ll know everything from where to look for the freshest produce to what it’s like diving on the “Other Side” of the island and how to go about arranging such a trip. You’ll have no trouble finding the best quality black coral jewelry, Cuban cigars or hand carved wooden masks. You’ll have detailed instructions on how to get quickly through the Cancun airport and how to catch a bus in Playa del Carmen for Tulum. You will have a comprehensive unbiased review of many of Cozumel’s restaurants, including not only well-known tourist spots but also inexpensive back street restaurants with a safe kitchen. In general, you’ll have knowledge that would take years of research to learn on your own in Mexico.

Cozumel – Getting There / Getting Around

Planning your first trip to Cozumel? Many times we find that we can save hundreds of dollars per person if we fly into Cancun rather than Cozumel.

But what do you do once you land in Cancun? Our guide has step-by-step directions on getting through the Cancun airport and over to the Cozumel. And more information on how to get around once you’ve reached the island.

Cozumel Diving and Snorkeling

What to expect? Who to go with? Where to go? What to ask for? What will it cost? Plus dives your mom won’t tell you about.

Cozumel Beach Tours

A tour of island beaches. Where to eat? Where to meet? Where to snorkel? Where kids can swim?

Cozumel Shopping

Where you can and can’t bargain. The best sources for tequila. Where to grocery shop?

Cozumel Day Trip Options

Details on fishing and sailing charters. Tips on visiting Mayan ruins in Cozumel and on the mainland.

Cozumel Hotels

Honest appraisals on the most expensive to below budget hotels.

Cozumel Vacation Rentals

Contacts for house and condo rentals.

Cozumel Car Rental & Jeep Rental Options

Tips on car rentals.

Cozumel Events, Festivals and Holidays

Day of the Dead, Christmas, etc.

Cozumel Diving Packages and Other Trips

Get it all at one convenient price. There are diving and non-diving packages available.

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Cozumel Restaurants

Where to find the best meals in town? Where you can eat for under $3? How to find a real tacqueria that’s safe to eat at? 

Our Favorite Cozumel Restaurants

A list of some of our favorite and recommended restaurants and a few trip reports on past visits.

Cozumel Bars, Nightlife and Other Things To Do

Where to go for live music, Cuban cigars, televised sports and betting?

How to Exchange Money, Cozumel

Helpful hints on changing money.

Cozumel Internet Access & Telephone Service

Calling home, connecting to the WWW.

Cozumel Embassy Offices

U.S. and other country’s consulates in Quintana Roo.

Other Cozumel Information

All those little things you need to know like the location of gas stations in town, where to get a manicure, who to call if you need medical care, how much a cab should cost and a special reminder to not drink the water.