Additional Dive Notes (Video, Repair, Recompression Chamber, etc.)

Underwater Videography

If you are interested in having a video made of one of your dives, a good choice for a videographer is Luis Martin of Blue Planet Underwater Video. Prices for a video with music of a two-tank dive should run about US$125 – $150. Telephone 87 24918.Island Photo Video Center not only offers video production services but also rents still and video cameras and offers an authorized Sea & Sea Service Center and Nikonos Repair Facility. They are located near the La Ceiba Hotel. Telephone 87 25833.

 Another good option is Miguel Angel Reyes at  Cozumel Underwater Video.  You can view a sample of his work on the website.  Best way to contact him is at:

Equipment Repair

Most dive shops offer some sort of Equipment repair. More than one are taking advantage of the excellent service at Larry Cleghorn’s Cozumel Dive Repair Shop located on Calle 1 Sur between Ave. 85 and 90.  While the shop also doubles as the home base for the Caribbean distributor for Dacor, all brands of equipment can be serviced, in many cases quicker and better than you are used to at home. And while we have absolutely no interest in this operation, it is one of the very few sellers of equipment where you might actually find a good deal on the purchase of new gear. We noticed pretty good prices on both Mares and Dacor on our last visit. Telephone 869 8116.

Recompression Chamber

Meditur Hyperbaric Chamber in Cozumel, is supported by donations from visiting divers who contribute $1 per day of diving through their affiliated dive operator. This provides the diver with secondary insurance, which will cover all dive (pressure) related treatment at the chamber.

 The Chamber is located on Calle 6 Norte between Ave 5 and Ave.10 and is affilated with the hospital “Clinica San Miguel”. It’s also affiliated with DAN, Undersea Medical Society and the International Society of Travel Medicine.  Telephone (987) 869-0300.