Cozumel Events, Festivals and Holidays

If you don’t have a good excuse for visiting already, maybe the following list of local events and holidays will give you some ideas.

Carnival usually falls on the five-days preceding Ash Wednesday and is a celebration of Caribbean heritage that brings out the best of spirits in everyone. It’s a week of parties, dancing in the streets and parades. After the parade each evening, everyone congregates on the central square to eat and drink at stalls set up by local restaurants and civic groups and to enjoy local and out-of-town musical and variety shows.

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The birthday of Benito Juarez, the father of modern Mexico is celebrated on March 21.

As a part of the Easter celebration, local residents dress as Roman soldiers and Christians and re-enact the carrying of the cross in a parade and then the crucifixions in front of the Corpus Christi church on Ave 20 between Calles 15 & 17.

The sport fishing season runs from the end of April into June and includes a weeklong International Bill Fish Tournament in May.

The discovery of Cozumel is celebrated in Cedral on May 2-3 honoring the patron saint of the village during the Santa Cruz Fiesta. A town-wide fair marks this event.

Cinco de Mayo (the 5th of May) celebrates the Mexican victory over the French at Puebla with festivities primarily centered on taverns.

The St. Peter and St. Paul Festival is a traditional fiesta held June 28-29 with much singing and dancing including the unusual "Dance of the Pig’s Head."

Dancing, music, fireworks and the traditional "Viva Mexico" cheer at midnight mark Mexican Independence Day on Sept. 16.

On September 28, the statue of Cozumel’s patron saint is carried by a procession of decorated boats to the north point of the island during the San Miguel Archangel Fiesta. Garlands of flowers are tossed into the water in remembrance of lost seaman.

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Many Mexicans have mixed feelings about celebrating Columbus Day on Oct. 12. If given a choice some would prefer to have been left undiscovered.

Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) is marked by visits to cemeteries with food and flower offerings Nov. 1-2.

The Day of the Mexican Revolution is celebrated with sporting events and a military parade through San Miguel on November 20.

Churches all over Mexico observe the Virgin of Guadeloupe Fiesta on December 12 with services and parades. This begins a two-week period known as Navidad Posadas, roughly translated as movable party. There are open houses all over town as family and friends visit and share the Christmas spirit. Celebrations culminate on the evening of December 24 with an all night party including a large midnight meal.

New Years Eve is celebrated with all night singing and dancing all over town. Local taxi drivers tend to join in the celebration around 11:30 pm making travel after that hour difficult for tourist.