Other Cozumel Information

The Cozumel Medical Center (Centro Medico de Cozumel) offers the most modern medical care in Cozumel. The facility is affiliated with South Miami Hospital and offers 24 hour Emergency Care as well as International Air Ambulance service. Many U.S. insurance companies cover most services at this facility. It’s on the corner of Ave 50 and Calle 1. Telephone 87 23545, 87 25664 or 87 25370.

There are three gas stations in town.  The oldest and smallest one in town is on Ave B. Juarez at Ave. 30 (aka Ave. Pedro Joaquin Coldwell).  There is another a little further out Ave B. Juarez east of Ave, 65 on the way across the middle of the island. The newest station is on the main road south of town across from the Puerta Maya cruise ship pier.  Most taxis fill up at the Ave. 30 location so if you happen to hit there and the line is extremely long, try one of the other locations.

Click here for the CNN 5-day weather forecast for Cozumel.

  1. credit: malias on Flickr

There’s a laundry service on Calle 11 between Ave. 5 and 10 and a laundramat on Ave. A.R. Salas between Ave. 5 & 10.

There is photo processing available at a photo shop on Ave B. Jaurez next to the San Francisco Asis.

You can get an inexpensive manicure on Ave. 5 just south of R. Salas in a shop next to Black Shark Divers. The sign on the awning says “Shampoo”.  There are also similar shops across from the central market.

We aren’t aware of any restaurants in the tourist areas that serve anything but bottled water.  The longer we have been coming to Cozumel, the more we have found that we trust restaurants in terms of ordering a “Vaso de agua” or glass of water, that will end up having been drawn from a 5-gallon bottle vs. only drinking water served in a bottle at the table.  However, if you want to stay on the safe side, DO NOT DRINK THE WATER unless you see it poured from a bottle. Bottled water is easily found and the peace of mind of not worrying about it may be worth the expense. The bagged ice on the island is purified and OK.

This next advice is purely anecdotal but it seems to work. As a preventative to avoid Montezuma’s Revenge, take a Pepto Bismal tablet every morning when you get up.

No matter how tempting it is, DO NOT RENT A MOTOR SCOOTER. The roads are full of unmarked speed bumps, potholes and loose gravel. Tourist accidents on these vehicles are a daily occurrence in Cozumel. For the daily rate of two motor scooters, you can rent a small car.