Cozumel Internet Access & Telephone Service

The Calling Station offers reasonable phone rates on calling, sending and receiving faxes and a message center as well as internet access. It’s located on Ave Rafael Melgar at Calle 3 Sur. Telephone or Fax 87 21417.

Another option for calling home is a line of credit card pay phones at the Telemex office on the corner of Ave 5 & Rosado Sallas. You should first buy a pre-paid Lada telephone card, which are widely available. These cards will work for both local and international calls.

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To direct dial to the U.S. dial 011 then the area code and number without dialing 1 before the area code.

You can access a domestic AT&T U.S. operator toll free by dialing 01 (800) 288-8772.

If you’re going to be staying in Cozumel for a while and feel you need to sign up for internet service, you can get it from Compucentro on Calle 11 between Ave 5 & 10.

There are also a number of Internet Cafés all over Cozumel. Usually, the further you get from the waterfront, the better the price is so if you’re looking for a deal, look first on Ave. 30. It won’t be hard to find one. In town you can look for:

Coffee.Net on the waterfront at the corner of Calle 11.

CyberCafe Cozumel Calle 7 sur No. 14 between R.E.Melgar and Ave. 5a. Telephone 87 23179 or Fax 87 23879

C@fe Internet at the back of the square across from Tres Hermanos shoe store, near Ave 10 and Calle 1.

Diamond Internet (ISP & Internet Cafe) is on Avenue 10 between Calles 6 and 8.

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