Restaurant Parking (Cozumel)

This may be more information than you want or need but in-town parking in Cozumel  has changed in the past couple years so you have to be real careful about where you park in the downtown area. The good news though is that there are now public parking lots scattered around town. Most charge 8-10 pesos per hour and worth it.

When we go to the square downtown, we drive down Av 10 and turn left onto Calle 2 then the next right on Av 5. There is a lot about half a block up on the right across the street from Kinta.

You can use the same lot when you go to Candela’s for lunch. As you walk from the lot towards the restaurant (on the corner of Calle 6 & Av 5) you’ll pass by the textile store that we like to shop in. You can try finding a parking spot a little closer to Candela but the lot that is closest to it was closed when we were down there this summer.  Update: Another lot is now (2017) open on Av 5 just past the intersection with Calle 6, which is more convenient for both Candela’s and The Maple Bakehouse,

For La Choza, there is a small driveway on the left of Av 10 just before you get to the restaurant. There is a small lot behind the little house there. Get your ticket validated at La Choza for free parking.

El Coffee is on Calle 3 near the water front. There is a parking lot on the right a little before you get there; further from the water front than El Coffee.

Otates is on Av 15 and they have their own lot. The entrance is just before you get to the restaurant and is easy to miss.

You can park on the street when you go to San Carlos Pescaderia (Diego’s). To get there drive east (away from the waterfront) out Calle 11 past the circle at 30th and take a left onto Av. 50B. That will be the second Av. 50 you come to. You may notice a little blue sign in the center median showing a left turn for “CMC Hospital”. That is 50B. Drive past a park and over a large toppe and Santa Carlos will be in the next block on the right between A.R. Salas and Calle 3.

La Catrina, on Calle 11 Sur near the corner of Avenida 20 has a small lot behind the restaurant.  The driveway to the lot is down the left side of what was formally a family home.