Casa Christi Long Term Rental Rates

Casa Christi - kitchenLong Term Rental Rates for Casa Christi are based on the length of the lease. We encourage our guests to try and stay for as long as possible and are able to offer a lower monthly rate for longer stays.

For a stay of 1-month, the rate is US$1,500. This rate includes all utilities except for telephone.

The rate for a stay of 2-months is US$1,100 per month, which also includes utilities.

For 3-6 months, the rate is $850. Utilities are not included at this rate.

For a lease of more than 6-months, the monthly rate is $800 plus utilities.

A security deposit of one months rent is required at the time of occupation. Assuming no damage other than normal wear and tear, the deposit is refunded after the receipt of the final utility bill for the dates of occupation.