The Corpus Christi Neighborhood

The area known as Corpus Christi is generally considered to be one of Cozumel’s nicest in-town residential neighborhoods. It’s named for the large Colonial style Catholic Church (in the photo below) that is one of the iconic landmarks on the island. Directly across Av. 20 from the church is a lovely park that not only offers a relaxing place to sit and contemplate life but also hosts musical and other seasonal festivals during the year.

  1. corpus_church_3
  2. credit: adam_d_ on Flickr
    Corpus Christi Festival Dancers

At the corner of Av. Pedro J Coldwell (aka Av. 30) and Calle 15 Sur on the eastern edge of the neighborhood are two of the many  local food vendors and restaurants in the area that reflect the unique character of Cozumel. At Milpe Fruiteria, you can buy not only fresh local produce but also top quality fresh squeezed juices of all types at prices you won’t believe. 

And cattycorner across the intersection from Milpe  is 3 Patitos Empanadas, a great spot for a really good but amazingly inexpensive breakfast, lunch or late night snack.

From the Church, it’s only a few blocks to the Cinepolis multi-screen movie house featuring many new releases from the US (in English with Spanish sub-titles) and two large grocery and general merchandise stores; Chedraui and the even larger and more modern Mega Superstore.

The western edge of the Corpus Christi area borders the waterfront malecon. 

From the church it is about one mile to Centro, the central town square where many of the most popular restaurants and much of the nightlife of Cozumel is centered.  Taxis are easy to catch along the main roads in the neighborhood and relatively inexpensive. A ride from the Church into the center of town should be less than US$2.00.

The map below of the Corpus Christi area shows the exact location of Casa Christi and Casa Santa Fe.


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