Other Ruins

Wherever you travel in Quintana Roo or the Yucatan, you will likely see vestiges of the Mayan civilization. From the ruins of San Grevesio in Cozumel to the giant stone masks found in Kohunlich , more and more ruins are being discovered and reconstructed. As you drive down the small roads or highways of the area, most small hills or pile of rocks that you see probably represents an “undiscovered” remnant of the Mayan culture.

  1. credit: armyofgnomes on Flickr

Some, like the small un-named pyramid in the above photo that lies along Highway 307 in the small citrus growing village of Limònes in southern Quintana Roo can be viewed from your car as you drive by. 

There are others like the restored San Gervasio ceremonial areas on the island of Cozumel. While it is not as impressive as many of the larger ruins on the mainland, if you find yourself on the island, it makes for an interesting exploration.

Still others like the ruins of Chacchoben (also near the town of Limònes) are currently being restored by the History and Anthropology National Institute partly for their historical relevence but also partly to satisfy the demand for land excursions for cruise ships that are calling on the new pier in Majahual.

Where ever you find yourself, keep an eye open and talk to people and you may enjoy the thrill of discovering your very own lost city of the Maya.