Valladolid Restaurants 2016

On a previous visit to Valladolid, we had an interesting dining experience at Naino.  It was then located close to our hotel and we had read great reviews about it so we stopped by one evening for dinner.  As it turns out, tRustic quacamole at Nainohe night we chose was the first night off in months for the head chef and the kitchen was in chaos.  The meal took hours.  But the food was actually good enough that when we returned to Valladolid for another visit, we decided to give Naino another try.

Since that first visit the restaurant had changed locations and now was the house restaurant for the very unique (Zenti’k Project) Zentik Boutique Hotel on the outskirts of the central city.  We hopped in a cab and discovered after some searching and discussion that it is better to tell the driver to go to the hotel than the restaurant.Camarones a la Diabla (Devil Sauce Shrimps)

While we were there we toured the hotel.  The “rustic- chic” rooms are arranged around a ground level pool decorated with murals painted by famous artist and featured a 2nd underground pool.

We loved everything about the new incantation of Naino.  It is a beautiful setting in an open air thatched roof hotel lobby.  The service was attentive and friendly and our waitress doubled as a very skilled bar tender.  We ordered appetizers and 2 entrées including the house specialty Camarones Fantastic Cheesecake at Nainoa la Diabla (Devil Sauce Shrimps) and a killer cheese cake.  Everything was good.  Our total bill came to roughly $35 USD.  On reflection, we agreed that this was the best meal we’ve ever enjoyed in Valladolid, a city with a very good food reputation.

We found Restaurant El Atrio del Mayab on the opposite side of th>e Central Plaza from Hotel El Meson del Marques.  We entered a small doorway in the shadow of the Cathedral of San Gervasio, which lead to a garden dining area.  The restaurant serves Mayan Yucatecan specialties and we were so impressed with our meal on that first night and was so convenient to our hotel that we ended up eating there a couple more times during our stay in the city.

There is an open air pavilion facing the Central Plaza at the end of the corner that Hotel El Meson del Marques (our hotel) is on, which has a few craft venders and a food court oEmbroidery Vendor in front of Loncheriaf mostly Mexican stalls but with one Chino comida option.   We chose to have lunch at Loncheria El Amigo and enjoyed local Yucatan staples.  The food was good and at a price that was pretty unbelievable; $6-$7 USD for the 2 beverages and 2 lunch plates.

On another visit to the food court, we enjoyed a meal at Loncheria Casiano, which not only has great online reviews but also had the largest number of local diners when we visited.  The service took a little longer than expected but we loved the Agua de Sandia (Watermelon water) and Agua de guanabana and the fried plantains.

As we waited for our meals we took the opportunity to purchase some nice hand embroidered napkins from a local lady.