Casa de los Venados

If you google it, you can find lots of information online about Casa de los Venados. A good place to start is the Casa de los Venados official web site.

CDLV - deer flagman CDLV - skeleton portrait

But here is the short version:
Casa de los Venados is the 18,000 square foot private home of John and Dorianne Venator. The expat couple purchased the property in 2000 and after a 10-year renovation moved into the residence with their massive collection of Mexican folk art. With over 3,000 pieces in the collection, it is the largest museum quality private collection of Mexican folk art in the world.

The home is open to the public every day at 10 AM for tours in both English and Spanish. There is no admission charge but a donation of 60 pesos, which is passed on to local charities is suggested.  It’s located in the area known as “Centro” in Valladolid; a short walk down Calle 40 from the central plaza (Parque Francisco Canton.)

For anyone with an interest in Mexico folk art; this museum is a destination attraction. There is a wide range of mediums displayed including ceramic wall and floor sculptures, pottery, paper mache, paintings, wood carvings, glass and textiles.

We have a special interest in textiles and communicated that with John before our trip there and he graciously offered to show us some of the wearable textiles he and Dorianne have collected that are not normally on display. In fact, if you look closely at the photo above left, you’ll see his hands and the top of his head peaking from behind a gorgeously embroidered dress pulled from Dorianne’s closet. Personally, we found this level of consideration remarkable.

Casa de los Venados
Address: Calle 40 Local 204, Centro, 97780 Valladolid, YUC
Phone:01 985 856 2289
Hours: Tours in English and Spanish begin daily at 10am